Digital Vision for Health

Re-imagining health in the everything-connected world

Precision medicine is here
Predict, Prevent, Personalise and Participate: the four key pillars revolutionising healthcare

As scientists and surgeons push the boundaries of medical science, we are also seeing the start of a revolution in health that’s much closer to home. Digital tools and channels are helping to reshape healthcare delivery. Digital transformation is key to enabling healthcare organisations to meet urgent demands, improve patient outcomes and empower us all to look after our own health and wellbeing. Our Digital Vision for Health explores how health is evolving.


Philip Chalmers - Senior Vice President, Public Sector & Health, Atos UK & Ireland


Key topics - Digital Vision for Health

Towards citizen-driven care

With the urgent need to shift from treating illness to maintaining wellbeing, what behavioural change is needed? How do we empower people to look after their own health and stay out of hospital?

Digital transformation is shifting interactions in health

We are entering the age of the citizen, with a move from centralised services towards local systems and individuals, all enabled by data and digital tools utilising platforms such as machine learning and supercomputing

Predictive health and wellbeing

Genomics is one of the most significant advances in medical science. How will advanced data analytics affect population health and support a closer partnership between citizens and clinicians?

What next for the NHS?

The UK’s first digital hospital and a paperless NHS is getting closer. What’s next on the digital roadmap for health and how are NHS organisations responding?

Download the Digital Vision for Health opinion paper below

Demanding Digital - The Rise of the Digitally Discerning Consumer - Report

Digital Vision for Health  


Re-imagining health in the everything-connected world


How digital enablers can help improve patient outcomes, support clinicians, integrate resources and meet our health needs.

Download the Digital Vision for Health opinion paper >>

Key Articles

Thoughts from Pooven

Transforming healthcare with people at the heart - Blog >>


It's well documented that in terms of patient outcomes, the NHS and local authorities must get more integrated around health and social care delivery.   At Atos, we see four main pillars for driving the kind of fundamental change now needed.



Pooven Maduramuthu - Vice President - Health Sales, Atos UK & Ireland 



Digital Vision for Health: Key facts infographic

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Digital Vision for Health: Key facts infographic

Digital Vision for Health: key facts infographic >>

Health at the heart of the UK in the next decade: key facts and figures



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  Adrian Gregory       
  Chief Executive Officer, Atos UK & Ireland  
  Philip Chalmers       
  Senior Vice President, Public Sector & Health, Atos  
  Natalia Jimenez Lozano  
  PhD Life Sciences Business Development Manager, Atos
  Sally Stanley       
  Client Executive, Health, Atos  
  David Karney       
  Business Development Director UK&I, Worldline  
  Dr Paul Taylor  
  Reader in Health Infomatics, UCL  
  Alan Grogan        
  Head of Analytics, Business & Platform Solutions, Atos  
  Dr Chris Streather FRCP       
  Chief Medical Officer, HCA Healthcare UK  
  Pooven Maduramuthu       
  Vice President, Health, Atos  
  The Business Services Association  
  Neil Griffiths  
  Deputy Chief Executive, UCLH
  Neil MacKenzie       
  Partner, Business & Platform Solutions, Atos  
  Jeremy Nettle       
  Interim Senior Advisor, techUK  
  Ben Moody       
  Head of Health and Social Care, techUK  
  Andy Bishop       
  Associate Partner, Business & Platform Solutions, Atos  
  Elaine Bennett       
  Partner - Health, Business & Platform Solutions, Atos  
  Professor Stephen Powis       
  Medical Director and Digital Lead, Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust  
  Patrick Phillips       
  Partner, IT Strategy & Transformation, Atos  
  Aaron Powell  
  Chief Digital Officer, NHS Blood and Transplant
  Derek Hussey       
  Business Development Director, Horsebridge Network Systems Ltd  
  Andrew Jackson       
  Chief Executive, ProReal Ltd  
  Kulveer Ranger       
  Vice President, Strategy & Communications, Atos  
  Isaac Swanton       
  Business Consultant, Atos  
  Christopher Joynson       
  Business Consultant, Atos  

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Pooven Maduramuthu
Vice President - Health Sales
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