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I am Chief Digital Officer for Atos. I advise large enterprises on digital strategy, act as a Senior Advisor to SME partners and lead the evolution of digital within Atos. The digital era has created amazing opportunities for enterprises to evolve and grow their business. However, the resultant pace and complexity is a challenge. As Chief Digital Officer I am being asked by many clients how they should handle the threat of disruption and how they best organise themselves to take advantage of digital opportunities. Personally, I am particularly interested in how technology can elevate the performance of individuals and companies.

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Thought Leadership that Tom recommends        


Demanding Digital - the rise of the digitally discerning consumer

Demanding Digital - the rise of the digitally discerning consumer  >>

Digitally discerning consumers are piling on the pressure. We explore what it takes to get the digital journey right.

Digital Vision for Government

Digital Vision for Government Report >>

The thought leadership paper setting out how digital and technological innovations can be used to re-imagine citizen-centric services across Government.

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Journey 2020

Explore Journey 2020 - Digital Shockwaves in Business >>

Welcome to Journey 2020, our vision of the evolving world of business, society and technology that we hope will stimulate and challenge your thinking about the forces that will shape business during the next few years. Thierry Breton – Chairman and CEO

Why mastering 2-Speed IT is imperative for digital government

Directive on Digital Transformation: Manufacturing Report >>

Atos and The Manufacturer present the latest insight into the key concerns of senior-level manufacturers as they embrace digital transformation.

Case Studies that Tom can discuss further


Transforming IT to meet tomorrow’s Olympic Games challenges - Case Study

Transforming IT to meet tomorrow’s Olympic Games challenges - Case Study >>

The Olympic Movement’s new IT transformation meets the same challenges faced by business everywhere – with Cloud, Big Data and cyber security.

NS&I Achieving Business Transformation - Case Study >>

NS&I Achieving Business Transformation - Case Study >>

Working in partnership with NS&I to create customer centric services, reduce costs and increase productivity through business transformation.

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Tom Swanson
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