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I am COO of Worldline UK&I, the Digital Payments business within the wider Atos Group. I have worked in the digital field since 2008, previously advising public and private sector clients on their digital transformations before taking on an internal role as Head of Digital for Atos UK&I.


I am a member of Atos’ Scientific Community, was one of the MCA's Digital Gurus for their Year of Digital, and have published a series of articles on digital.

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What is Digital – the return

What is Digital – the return >>

We are in the midst of the Digital Revolution, a globally relevant event lasting (in all likelihood) a small number of decades on a world timeline of millennia.

Encouraging a Digital Mindset in Enterprises

Encouraging a Digital Mindset in Enterprises >>

As the pace of change quickens organisations are under increasing pressure to think outside the usual confines or else face being left behind by more innovative and agile competitors

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What is Digital?

What is Digital? >>

To use the words of Neelie Kroes, Head of European Commission’s Digital Agenda, ‘Nearly every business is a Digital business now’. I’d be tempted to drop Neelie’s “nearly”. We’re all Digital now. But what does that really mean? What is Digital?


Two Speeds, One Business

Two Speeds, One Business >>

Business has changed, and so too must IT.  Digital now requires the IT department to facilitate a continuous stream of innovation at a pace and agility ahead of customers’ needs in the digital age.

Case Studies that Rob can discuss further  


Digital transformation – why companies need to learn how to fail fast and cheaply

McDonald’s France  Digital Transformation - Case Study >>

Worldine worked with McDonald’s France to put the customer at the heart of their organisation via digital transformation.  Enhancing the customer journey through online ordering and offering tailored to promotions to customers

Red Spotted Hanky - Speed and Simplicity for Online Travel Bookings - Case Study

Red Spotted Hanky - Speed and Simplicity for Online Travel Bookings - Case Study >>

Booking your travel online is smarter with – for private and business travellers alike.

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Rob Price
COO & Deputy CEO, Worldline UK & Ireland
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