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Digital Payments and Retail


As part of the Worldline UK Executive I am responsible for the Merchant Services & Terminals business line leading the evolution of Interactive Digital Solutions in the market, enabling our clients to navigate through the noise and to stay ahead of their customer’s expectations.

Half Gen X, Half Millennial – I’ve been Immersed in the rapid technology growth throughout my youth and experienced and driven digital transformation in the corporate environment throughout the last decade.  It’s this that drives my particular interest in the cultural and people elements of digital transformation.

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Thought Leadership that Johnathan recommends       


Anticipating 2020 - Beyond the Spectrum >>

I read an article recently on the relaunch of the ZX Spectrum in the form of a hand-held. It wasn’t the article itself so much but just seeing the red, yellow, green and blue logo again that triggered something in my mind.

What will the Digital Store of the Future Look Like for You? >>

You only have to glance back two years ago to notice that the retail shopping experience was extremely fragmented. Retailers’ physical shops were neither …

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Can You Capture Digitail? >>

Sounds like it could be a creature from Pokemon Go?  In the present market what is this mythical almost nebulous concept which both retailers and technology companies are grappling to capture.

Fintechtastic or Blockchain Crazy? >>

Everyone is searching for the holy grail of what seems to be the ability to take the concept and methodology of what was very much on the dark side of the web and industrialise it into the mainstream.

Case Studies that Johnathan can discuss further  


Cineworld - Increasing customer retention and acquiring new ones - Case Study >>

When Cineworld wanted to increase customer retention and cinema admissions, they decided to review their Unlimited affinity card scheme.

Premier Inn- Promoting long-term loyalty and boosting revenue - Case Study >>

For Premier Inn, a Business Account scheme delivers increased revenue and promotes long-term loyalty, while for their customers it provides efficient and transparent cost control.

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Johnathan Astbury
Director Merchant Services & Terminals
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